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The Top Three choices of the best ecommerce platforms for start-ups

When you are just starting up in the world of ecommerce things can really be very intimidating and complicated. There are a ton of decisions that you will have to make regarding your business, and one of the most, if not, most important ones is the choice of ecommerce platform. There are so many options out there, all giving you something new and different, ranging in prices and features, so it can be pretty difficult deciding which one is the one you should go for. Today we are going to try and help you out by talking a bit more about a few great options for the best ecommerce platform for start-ups, so make sure you keep on reading.


The first platform that we are going to be talking about is one that you are probably already familiar with, and that is because Shopify is a name that you have surely read before. Shopify is one of the leaders in the ecommerce business and it is used all over the world, so it is easy to see why it made our list. Shopify has pretty much everything you need, from amazing design options, to great tools and a very extensive app store that will help you add any functionalities that you may feel the ecommerce is lacking. We also have to mention that this platform was created with small businesses in mind, which is something that we feel will benefit a start-up business. For more information on why Shopify has become one of the best platforms and solutions for your business in Australia, go to Shopify.com.au/plus/solutions/international-ecommerce 

2. YoKart

This is a different kind of platform compared to Shopify because it is actually a solution that is specifically designed to give you multi-vendor stores which is something that you will get from the likes of Amazon and eBay. And while this is something that you can get with some other platforms out there, none of them really offer it as well as YoKart does which why we think it is the best ecommerce platform for start-ups. Another thing that really makes YoKart stand out is the fact that it is a solution that is filled to the brim with features which will really make creating that multi-vendor space much simpler.

3. BigCommerce

This is another pretty popular ecommerce platform and the proof for that is that it currently has over 55.000 active online stores. Something that they are really praised about it the fact that they really have some of the most prominent ecommerce skills on the market, and that is something that has remained consistent since their beginnings.

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This is a great option for a start-up because the platform comes with so many features that is makes it the perfect tool for any business owner that doesn’t have skills in terms of coding. This huge number of built in features are really something that makes the platform stand out, because it isn’t something that you will get with a lot of other platforms. The themes that you will be able to work with are all mobile friendly, you will get some really useful integrations with different marketplaces and social media platforms and one of the best parts is that you don’t have to pay any transaction fees, so you will know exactly how much money you are making.

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As we mentioned earlier, every platform will give you something different and will provide you with different features and functionalities, so it is important for you to really take your time and check out as of them as you can. We hope you liked our suggestions for the best ecommerce platform for start-ups and that you are going to check them because one of them may end up being the best option for your own ecommerce business.

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