Things to Do in Roseglen, Oregon

There are plenty of things to do in Roseglen, Oregon. Some of the city’s attractions include Roseglen United Methodist Church, Big Rocks Park, and the Roseglen Literary Festival. Big Rocks Park is located along the Paluxy River and features several picnic areas. It also offers an indoor pool, which is free to use.

Fort Stevens State Park

Fort Stevens State Park in Rose Glen, OR offers visitors a scenic, 3,000-acre park full of hiking and biking trails. The park is also home to a 1906 shipwreck and historic fortress. It is a great day trip destination for families. You can also experience the majesty of the Oregon coastline on a scenic cruise.

Fort Stevens State Park is located near the Graveyard of the Pacific, an area where more than 2000 ships and 700 souls have washed ashore. It is a place for wonder and grief. In 1906, a four-masted ship named the Peter Iredale ran aground on this beach. This wreck is now a popular tourist attraction.

You can hike or bike along the 15-mile-long trail system in Fort Stevens. The trails are mostly paved, but there are also some unpaved paths. The trails can be busy or quiet depending on the season. Fall, winter, and spring are the best times to explore this park.

Fort Stevens State Park is one of the most popular state parks in Oregon. Located in the far northwest corner, it has a variety of natural areas and attractions, including several large beaches. The park also has wetlands, dunes, and miles of hiking trails. The park is also an excellent destination for families.

In addition to the trails, Fort Stevens State Park features a unique history. Built during the Civil War to protect the mouth of the Columbia River, Fort Stevens became outdated after World War II. In 1947, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers took over the fort, and in 1975, the site was designated a state park.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

Whether you’re visiting the Roseburg area during tulip season or looking for a unique place to celebrate a special occasion, Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is the perfect place to visit. The farm features an annual tulip festival, massive quantities of beautiful flowers, and a winery open all year round.

Aside from the beautiful tulips, this farm offers a cafe and gift shop, a kids’ play area, and a pony ride. You can also purchase fresh cut flowers and tulip bulbs to plant in your own garden in the fall. This 40-acre farm also hosts a variety of special events and activities throughout the year.

If you’re visiting during tulip season, it’s best to visit during the first few weeks of April. The flowers will be at their peak, and a visit early in the day will help you avoid the crowds. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is also weather-dependent, so be sure to check their website and Instagram account for updates.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is located in Woodburn, Oregon, south of Portland and northeast of Salem. You can visit the tulip fields in the early morning hours or anytime during the day. Sunrise is the best time to see hot air balloons flying over the tulips fields. For an additional $10, you can also fly a drone over the fields.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm was founded in 1950 by Dorothy and Ross Iverson, and eventually expanded to support six children through college. The Iversons grew tulips and held a tulip festival on their farm in 1983. Today, the farm has over 40 acres of tulips and the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival has grown into a popular agritourism event.

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a small, hilly wooded patch of land south of Salem, Oregon. It was constructed over a seven-year period in the late 1960s by Roger Tofte. It opened to the public in 1971. The park features a large number of rides, shows, and games for the whole family to enjoy.

The Enchanted Forest is one of the state’s most popular theme parks, bringing together classic stories about fairies. Attractions at the park include Storybook Lane, Tofteville, and the Enchanted Forest. The park is located just south of Salem off Interstate 5.

The Enchanted Forest is not open all year round, and seasonal hours vary. You can check the Enchanted Forest’s calendar online to find out when it is open. You can visit during March, April, May, and June, though the park is not open for all of July.

The Enchanted Forest features an immersive village design. Visitors follow the camera’s point of view through the various areas. In comparison to Disney parks, this one is small in fit and finish but offers a very immersive experience. You can take part in the story of Pinocchio by strolling through the Enchanted Forest.

In addition to its outdoor setting, The Enchanted Forest also has indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces. The museum can accommodate a three-hour ceremony and reception for up to four guests, while the venue also has a cabin for an overnight stay. The Enchanted Forest is the perfect setting for a destination wedding. It is located in a beautiful, 20-acre private estate that features a lush landscape for photos.

The Kite Festival

The Kite Festival in Rose Glen, Oregon is a popular family event that takes place twice a year. The event is free to attend and is held at D-River Wayside State Park. The weekend festival features kite flying demonstrations by professional fliers, free workshops for kids, giant show kites, and more.

The event offers activities for children, kite flying competitions, and many diverse stalls and food offerings. Because of the high demand for tickets and hotel rooms, it’s important to plan ahead. The Kite Festival website contains event schedules, lineup information, and a program for visitors.

The Grotto

If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue in Oregon, The Grotto in Rose Glen, Oregon is a great place to get married. This historic Catholic retreat center has a very aesthetic and spacious look that’s perfect for weddings. The Grotto has two beautiful wedding locations, the Chapel of Mary and the outdoor Garden, and offers both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The Grotto hosts several events each year, including the Christmas Festival of Lights, the largest Christmas choral event in the world. This event features over 500,000 lights and 150 regional choirs. There are other events throughout the year, including a petting zoo and puppet shows.

In 1905, a doctor, Dr. Joseph Walker, committed a horrific crime that resulted in his death. He was a serial killer who murdered up to two dozen people in the area. In 1907, the remains of two dozen victims were discovered in the Grotto Caves.